First, let me admit that when I gave my first lectures 16 years ago or joined the first consortia, I did not look any further than the organisation that invited me.

But gradually, I became more aware of the greenwashing effect of merely having me over for a small workshop, a lecture, a little Circular project (with business proceeding as usual). Some organisations just like to be associated with the Circular Economy. Or with me as an expert in this field.

An absolute low was when during lunch at an event in a former USSR state, I was tricked into a rather seriously looking meeting with a Russian gas&oil company. For all participants of the event to see. I had, of course, no intention of ever working with that organisation. Still, I could feel my reputation and credibility cracking with every second I spent talking with them.

With some organisations, I simply cannot be seen nor associated.

Therefore this list. I need to set some boundaries here.
For my own reputation. And for that of the Circular Economy.

I can NOT collaborate with, or participate in an event sponsored by, companies that are involved in:

  • Systematic and/or gross violation of human rights
    Violation of human rights conventions, in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights, with respect to civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights.
  • Systematic and/or gross violation of labour rights
    Violation of the following fundamental ILO conventions: 29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 and 182. This includes labour conditions, child labour, equal treatment, freedom of union and other essential labour rights.
  • Violations of individuals’ rights in situations of war or conflict
  • Gross corruption
  • Other particular serious violation of fundamental ethical norms
  • Tobacco production and distribution
  • Companies that produce and/or sell offensive weapons
  • Companies that produce and/or sell defensive, auxiliary and/or dual-use products when there is a risk that they will be used against humans or be delivered to questionable authorities (such as those in power in corrupt or fragile countries, or as defined in the EU/UN/OSCE embargoes)
  • Companies that produce and/or sell controversial weapons: anti-personnel landmines, cluster munition, nuclear and chemical weapons, and bacteriological weapons
  • Fossil fuels
    Companies deriving any revenue from the mining and production of thermal coal or unconventional oil and gas (i.e., shale gas, shale oil, oil shale, arctic oil and tar sands).
  • Nuclear energy
    Although, from a carbon emissions point of view, nuclear energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy, it comes with too grave risks to the environment, especially with regard to waste.
  • Unacceptable climate gas emissions
  • Severe environmental damage

I can also NOT collaborate with, or participate in an event sponsored by, governments of countries on which the UN or EU has imposed a binding weapons embargo

You can view the most recent exclusion list of governments and companies here.