In the past few weeks, I had to transform my course from offline to online. Here’s what I’ve learned:

All RSM lectures are online now. Students have expressed that they’re impressed through positive reviews. In this Q&A, Diana den Held explains what works well for her in her master elective Circular Economy, and she gives advice and tips so other lecturers can learn from these ideas, tips and tricks to also create great lectures.

Course title: Circular Economy
Date of lectures: March and April 2020 (so far for block 4, block 5 starts in May)

1. How did you transform your course from offline to online? […]

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Credits to the ones that deserve it, de circulaire orchidee

Die ‘4 studenten’ die in dit leuke artikel over het ‘circulaire orchidee’-project niet nader genoemd worden, dat waren Jacco Bouwman, Elise Broekhuisen, Jordy Huisman en Tom Vermaas. Ze namen deel in de allereerste CE elective en zijn inmiddels al láng afgestudeerd en volop bezig met hun professionele carrières. Ook was dit project nooit tot stand gekomen zonder de bemiddeling van Antoine Heideveld.

In maart/april en mei/juni geef ik de CE elective trouwens weer 😉  […]

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