• I have been an (award-winning) implementation strategist since 1994.
  • Since 2008 I’ve been making strategies with organisations and governments for (what is now called) Circular Economy.
  • Because of my expertise on the topic, I was asked back into the academic world in 2011 and have a.o. supervised > 100 research projects and developed Circular Economy courses for MSc and MBA.
  • After 10 years of teaching CE at universities, I’m now transitioning from full-time teaching between March and July (which heavily influenced my availability for long-term projects) to co-teaching, so I can spend more time making (international) Circular strategies again.

What I can help you with (always related to Circular Economy & Positive Impact, of course)

I can NOT help you if:
Your organisation is, or organisations financing your event are, on my list of excluded companies.