For Conference/Workshop/Session Organisers

What kind of lecture, workshop or session can you book?

My lectures or workshops are always tailor-made to your region, your industry, your organisation, your audience, or to the theme of the conference. Examples are:

And what will you get for your money?

My day rate is 1400 euro per day (= 175 p.h.)* That is also the average price for a lecture or workshop: 1400 euro*.
For that amount, I will be present about half a day, because I will spend the other half a day (in hours) preparing myself for a tailor made session + slides.

For non-profit events there’s a reduced rate of 500 euro*.

* ex VAT, ex travel- and/or overnight stay costs

I cannot honour all requests

I have set a maximum of 40 speeches/workshops per year, of which a maximum of 8 (20%) on a non-profit base.

If you want to book me, please provide me with the following information:

  1. What is the name of your organisation?
  2. What does your organisation do?
  3. What is your role in the organisation?
  4. Are you my contact for the booking and the preparations?
    (If not; who will be?)
  5. What is the theme of the event, or topic of the workshop session, that you want to talk with me about?
  6. Could you provide me with a (preliminary) program (not required, but would be great)?
  7. What is your goal for this event/workshop/session? With what outcome would you be really happy?
  8. What expectations do you have of me? (When did my presence really add to your success?)
  9. What is the date, time, location of the event, and what is the time frame for my speech/workshop/session?
  10. How much time do I have, and is there a break before or after my speech?
  11. Is there a speakers panel before the break, or at the end of the event, in which you hope to see me participate?
  12. Could you paint me a picture of the audience/participants?
  13. Do you have a list of participants (not required, but would be great)?
  14. Do you have any other information that helps me to make this as tailor-made as possible?
  15. Just to be sure; do you want me to speak in Dutch or English?
  16. If my speech/workshop/session is before or after lunch or dinner time; is there an opportunity for me to eat as well?
    (I’m quite used to using lunch or dinner time for additional appointments with business partners or journalists, we can discuss if you want to make an agenda for me in which I can meet people you would like to give the opportunity to talk with me)
  17. Can I be picked up at the airport/train station?
  18. Are you my contact during the event day?
    (If not; who will be?)
  19. Do you take care of the tech, like laptops, PC’s, and all the usual stuff for my powerpoint presentation, including sound for my movies, music and a pointer?
  20. For workshops I regularly use a couple of extra tools, like large sheets of paper (for the participants to write on), markers (for them to write with on the large sheets of paper), little stickers (about the size of your smallest fingernail), painters tape (to be able to hang the sheets of paper on doors/walls/windows, without causing damage).

Do you need materials about me?

If you need pictures of me for your event program, you can find those here.

If you need a text for your event program, you can use the text below as a base and edit your own;

Diana den Held is a strategist with > 20 years of professional experience.

She has worked for companies like IKEA, Yamaha, Telfort, and ABN Amro, walked the red carpet at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, won a silver Esprix award and a FEDMA-best of Europe award, amongst other recognitions. She describes the common thread in her work as an “effective, targeted implementation strategy.”

From 2008 to 2016 she had worked as the strategic advisor for one of the two founders of “Cradle to Cradle”; Michael Braungart. During that time she built up substantial expertise on Cradle to Cradle and following from that, Circular Economy.

Her main research interest is the transition from Triple Bottom Line to Triple Top Line paradigm in organisations. Her students f.e. do research on technology transfer at the European Space Agency (ESA), experiment with NASA’s plant technology for air quality in office buildings, investigate team diversity for developing healthy cosmetics, look at the CE potential of 3D-printing, or analyse regenerative sustainability strategies at event organisers.

Diana gives lectures and workshops and is one of the renowned Dutch scientists invited by the ‘Groene Zaak’ to contribute to the ‘Groene Brein’.

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