Implementation strategy: C2C communication, some of the best video’s

Goodbaby explaining how they are moving towards becoming a C2C company – project supported by EPEA

Gugler explaining the C2C view on paper and printing – project supported by EPEA

Desso explaining their Take Back System – project supported by EPEA

Maersk explaining development of the C2C passport for total vessel recycling – project supported by EPEA

DSM telling how their C2C certified materials are used – project supported by EPEA

Vanderlande presents Blueveyor first test results – project supported by EPEA

Reggs explaining what they’ve learned in the C2C design training from EPEA

Methods ‘people against dirty’ campaign

Icestone’s crazy cooking video on how to bake a C2C certified countertop

Backhausen video on flame retardants

Backhausen (please click on this link to see the video, trevira is a C2C certified fabric)

Synbra’s CEO on their re-usable and compostable C2C certified biofoam – project guided by C2C trained consultancy company Tebodin (in Dutch)

Orangebox designer about how they’ve designed and produced the C2C certified ARA chair

Ecopoint in a RTL special, explaining what makes their cleaning product a C2C certified product (in Dutch)

Shikkui certified product (the language used here needs some re-editing, but this material has such lovely properties that I still want to show it)


In addition: Katja Hansen (EPEA/RSM) telling in more detail about bionutrient recyling facilities


Related, not C2C, but inspiring video’s

The life of a plastic bag (not pure C2C communication and not an EPEA project, but very well explained C2C topics and very well scripted)

Mr. W

Dutch explanation of the rising P problem (in Dutch)

Girbaud about laser technology for textiles

My favorite speech (in Dutch) by Louise Vet

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