Nominated Changemaker of the Week (21).

Nominated Freelancer of the Year (14).

Advertising Awards:

  • FEDMA Best of Europe Award – for Freeler introduction (strategy, campaign) (00).
  • Esprix Silver Award – for Freeler introduction (strategy, campaign) (99).
  • Nominated ADCN Jongeren Award – for Fristi (strategy, campaign, game) (97 + 98).
  • Cannes Lions Representing Dutch Young Creatives – for Joekels by Karvan CĂ©vitam (strategy, campaign) (97).
  • Nominated Heffie Award – for IHC Holland (strategy, campaign) (97).

(Diana left the Advertising industry in 2002 to be able to focus on the Positive Impact paradigm shift she’s been working on ever since. These two worlds seem miles apart, but the line isn’t that hard: she worked with a.o. Amnesty International and Oxfam Novib during her ‘advertising days’ as well.)